DVD review: Vic and Bob’s House Of Fools – Series 1


Warning: if you don’t like silliness, look away now. For House Of Fools is very silly indeed.

A typical scenario sees Bob deciding, with Vic’s help, to sit in a warm tin warm bath on the stove. The bath seems much too small to accomodate Bob’s dimensions but he initially seems comfortable enough. When the water eventually gets too hot, Bob falls off and ends up with the bath embedded on his back. He is soon scuttling around like a turtle with a tin shell before his housemates, Vic and Bosh (Dan Skinner) are able to brutally separate him from the bath. You see what I mean? Ingenious but bonkers, House of Fools is often enlivened by bizarre animated sequences usually ending with someone’s head catching fire.

It’s also very good fun. And funny as Vic and Bob are (even if after 25 years on our screens, neither can act), House Of Fools would be nothing without its strong supporting cast. Morgana Robinson excels as nymphomaniac next door neighbour Julie, continuously obsessed with getting one of the boys to “buff her Barnaby Rudge” while apparently hallucinating someone called “Martin”. Vic and Bob’s old Shooting Stars colleague Dan Skinner plays Bosh, an ex-con who routinely ends almost every sentence with the words, “you twat.” Norwegian stand-up Daniel Simonsen plays Bob’s sulky hermit-like son Erik, while the wonderful Matt Berry (The IT Crowd, Toast Of London) is great as ever, as Seventies-style lothario, Beef.

All good fun. Hopefully, the second series later this year, will be just as much good.

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