Why Blair was better than Thatcher

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Winston Churchill received a State Funeral in January 1965 while Lady Thatcher received a Ceremonial one last month. With these precedents in mind, surely Tony Blair, on his death, should be considered for a Ceremonial Funeral himself?

It may seem a little premature to speculate about Tony Blair’s funeral arrangements in the month of his sixtieth birthday. But it certainly isn’t unreasonable. No, Blair cannot claim to have been Britain’s first woman Prime Minister. But in most respects, he was a more successful Prime Minister than Lady Thatcher was. Consider:

  1. Popularity when in power: Blair and Thatcher both won three election victories each. Thatcher’s majorities were 43, 144 and 100. Blair’s were: 179, 167 and 66. Both leaders saw their share of the vote decline in each election but it is clear Blair’s majorities were larger on average. Blair was also notably more popular than Thatcher while in power if…

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One thought on “Why Blair was better than Thatcher

  1. I would rather have Jack the Ripper than Lady Thatcher any day of the week. An evil woman who had nothing but contempt for the unions and the lower classes. And, rather disturbingly, she contributed to the cover-up of a despicable paedophile ring at Westminster during the early 80’s. Seems funny to me how one should be judged by the company they keep. Wasn’t one of her cronies Jimmy Saville??? Enough said…..

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