Dredd: A film review and poem.

Chris Hallam's World View

Who’s that man with the helmet on his head?

It’s 2000AD comic’s top lawman Judge Dredd!

Brit TV director Pete Travis directs,

(Perhaps too keen on slow motion effects).


How good’s this one? Well, out of five I’d give it three,

A damn sight better than the Stallone monstrosity,

Thank Grud at least this time Dredd keeps his helmet on,

Underneath, is New Zealand actor Karl Urban.


Most of its in one block, a trick you may have seen,

If you ever watched the film Assault on Precinct 13,

Judge Anderson’s the best: a PSI judge so psychic,

She boosts the film in the role of Dredd’s female sidekick.


Game of Throne’s actress Lena Headley is Dredd’s nemesis,

If you don’t like violence, I’d give this film a miss.

Dredd speaks like Robocop: “Twenty seconds to comply!”
But if I were you, I’d think hard before you…

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