Remembering Ron Smith 1924 – 2019

sci fi 2

Many talented comic artists have turned their hand to the challenge of drawing the brutal 22nd century lawman, Judge Dredd. Few, however, have done it with such style and distinction or so often as Ron Smith, who has died at the age of 94.

Ron first took on Judge Dredd in 1979, two years after the strip started, finishing off the epic, The Day The Law Died! in which Mega City One is taken over by the arrogant and insane Chief Judge Cal. Although Ron didn’t create the character, his artwork certainly represented an important stage in the evolution of Judge Dredd, the character and the story. Observers noted approvingly that Ron tended to emphasise the lawman’s physical stature, rather than exaggerating the many features of his futuristic costume as other many artists did.

Ron had some tough acts to follow, producing art for the strip initially at the…

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